làm cho bài đăng này được yêu thích ratesminton (field squash) Double Set - NEW ẩn bài đăng này hiện

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Retail Price: 189,000 Won
Selling Price:
(130,000 won) including postage by registered mail (within Korea)
(110,000 won) if you can meet for pick up at Jamsil Station or Gangnam Station or a mutually agreed upon subway station.

Condition: New - The set has never been used. The plastic is still on the handles of the rackets.
Full Set (everything you need to play) includes: 2 rackets, bag with shoulder strap to carry them in, six return balls (they look like tennis balls, but much smaller), two elastic cords, two red bags, and two plastic inner bags (You fill the inner bag with sand to weigh it down, then place the inner bag inside the red bag. SAND NOT INCLUDED), and three shuttleballs (these are very lightweight and you use these without the elastic cords/bags to play a game like badminton). Everything is in brand-new condition.

Product Official homepage: rates.co.kr
You can view people playing the game by scrolling down from the main page and watching the YouTube video
You can see the set and retail price by clicking "Shopping" and then clicking on the center picture (더블세트/Double set) - retail: 189,000 Won
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