maak plasing gnstling ₩400000 / 80m2 - ★Small deposit★ Shared flat in the center of Hongdae with nice ppl! (Hongdae, Sangsu) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

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80m2 beskikbaar feb 1

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1. House concept : International sharehouse!

I want to provide nice places for you to stay while you are in korea so that you can meet and live with nice and fun people and be friends with them. And I also want to be part of your good memories about korea with your nice housemates that you are going to live with.

So if you are the person that we are looking for(nice, fun, communicable, know and try to follow basic rules to live together, open-minded, sociable and especially a good cook), please come and stay in our international sharehouse!

2. Location: In the middle of hongdae area and take 2~3mins from hongdae ipgu station exit 7 and 6

3. Nearest station :
- Hongdae-ipgu(홍대입구) station. 2~3mins walk

4. House infos(3Rooms, One living room and kitchen, 1toilet)
- Room1 : Big Private Room : 520,000won / per room(Available) / You can use it as a double room with 600,000won and I can put one more single bed inside.
- Room2 : Big Private Room : 450,000won / per room(Available)
- Room3 : Small Private Room : 400,000won / per room(Reserved)

- Utility : 1/N, Approximately 30,000~50,000 won per person / varied with seasons

- Deposit : 300,000won / deposit is for security reasons with other tenants etc and is fully refundable

* Gas, Water, electricity, and internet(WiFi) fee included in utility.

* At least 3months stay are required
(Because we think at least 3 months are needed to get to know each other well and be good friends! )

5. Facilities of house.
- In common space : wireless/wifi internet, Refrigerator, 1 toilet, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave, rice cooker, electric kettle, dinnerware, sofa, kitchen table, chairs etc
- In each room : wireless/wifi internet, desk, chair, bed, closet etc

6. Available Now

We are looking for nice and fun ppl who like to share and learn different cultures, languages and travel experiences! : )

You can also contact me directly for the reservation and inquiries to 010-5206-2361 or seeker83(kakaotalk ID)
  • moet my NIE met ongevraagde dienste of aanbiedinge kontak nie

plsing-ID: 6480230290



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