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bu ilanı beğen ₩340000 / 66m2 - Share house★Home Tree★Hong ik Univ. stn(5min by bus) (36-51, Seongsan 1-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul) bu ilanı gizle göster

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Familiar happiness in unfamiliar place!

Are you gonna be Korea or already? And looking for fun & comfortable accommodations?

Then I'd like to recommend to contact us. We have two houses in Seoul(Hong-ik university stn. & Sindorim stn.)

This advertising is for Hong-ik university stn spot.

We are opened to all people.(Any country, gender, religion, It doesn't matter)

★Share house Home tree★ is located in Seoul near by Hong-ik university stn.(5min by bus, 17min by walk), Gajwa stn.(8min by walk)

It has 3 bedrooms(surely includes kitchen, big living room, bathroom too),

※At least 3 month, long-term resident applicants only

◆Current room state

Leaf room(women's room for 1ppl) - not available(a Korean girl is living)

Branch room(men's room for 2ppl, a bunk bed) - 1 bed available(a Korean guy is living)

Root room(women's room for 3ppl, 2 bunk beds) - 1 bed available now (1 Korean girl and a Dutch girl are living)

◆Cost(pay in advance, All inclusive, deposit : KRW 600,000)

Leaf room : KRW 450,000(per month, for each person)

Branch room : KRW 370,000(per month, for each person)

Root room : KRW 340,000(per month, for each person)

All inclusive(gas, elec, water, drinking water, Wi-Fi, All kind of utilities )

We have all kind of house goods(furniture, household electrical appliances, cookers.. and so on)
& we provide some kind of necessaries(tissues, All kind of cleaners, and so on)

Take your time and look around our photos.

If you have any interest, please fill up this form and email(facebook, kakao talk,line)me first.

Host : Vincent Song sunki
facebook id : Vincent Song sunki
line id : Vincentsong76
kakao id: Vincentsong76

1. 이름(name) :
2. 나이(age) :
3. 성별(sex) :
4. 국적(country) :
5. 종교(religion) :
6. 희망하는 방(room name want to stay) :
7. 거주목적(purpose to residence) :
8. 입주희망일(desired date to move in) :
9. 희망거주기간(period) :
최소3개월 이상 가능(3 months or more, long-term resident applicants only)
10. 페이스북주소(Facebook ID) :
11. 카카오톡 or 휴대폰번호(kakao talk id or mobile) :
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