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The rooms are small. These are usually for people who live a simple life not requiring big space. We are located one minute away from Seocho station, subway line No. 2.

The costs of the rooms are between 280,000~450,000 per month depending on the types of the rooms. We don't require key money but we require you to pay in advance.

You can stay less than a month. In that case we receive 15,000 Won for a room without a shower and 20,000 Won for a room with a shower. The prices are for a night and for a person. If two people use a room, we add 10,000 for an additional person.

Rooms with a shower: 400,000 Won, 450,000 Won a month
Rooms without a shower: 280,000 Won, 300,000 Won, 330,000 Won, 350,000 Won a month.

If you are interested, please visit our site:

There is a bus (Number:740) that goes to Itaewon from Seocho Station in less than 20 minutes. There is also an airport limousine bus (Number 6020) that commutes between Incheon Airport and Gyodae Station that is next stop of Seocho station and 500 meters away from our building.

You can use the followings free of charge: Internet, cooked rice, Korean soup, Kimchi, shared four washing machines and detergent, cooking tools, gas, electricity, water, a tv, a small fridge, water purifier, micro wave

We installed high speed internet connection recently. So you can enjoy high speed of the internet.
You can use WiFi free of charge.

You can contact me through the followings.

kakao id: lovebicycle
WhatsApp id: lovebicycle
Wechat id: lovebicycles
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