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bu ilanı beğen ₩450000 / 7m2 - Hongdae, hongik / Furnished private room / Fun People Only! (Hongdae, hongik) bu ilanı gizle göster

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It is a spacious private room in Hongdae. Only 3 people are living at the house.
If you are curious about me and the life at the house, please check my Instagram at bythemooon

A perfect room for short term resident (exchange students, interns) in Seoul.
#Location: Hongdae
#Homestay: Not a goshitel or livingtel
#Toilet: 2 people will use one toilet
#Price: 450,000won per month. There is more information below. [No real estate commission or big deposit]
#Fun: Small pool table, dart, rooftop

1. Space
It is a homestay, not a goshitel or livingtel !

You can invite your friends and can cook.

You will live in a room out of three rooms.
and you will share the toilet with only two people, because there are two toilet in the house.

2. Guest Access
Your room : Single Bed, hangers, Table, chair
Shared: Living room, Kitchen, Storage, Small Oven, AC, Washing Machine

3. Interaction with guest
#Parties available in Fri-Sat.
The house is best for pregame for party.
Near the mart and I have a small pool table, dart and speaker.
Hongdae party street is 10 mins away on foot.

But, needs to be a bit quiet after 10 PM at the house.

4. Other things
#The best deal for short term (4months~) residence in Korea.
1) No real estate commission to sign the studio room ($400)
2) No high deposit for studio room ($5,000). Mine is one month deposit.
3) Short term contract is available. In Korea, the house owner prefer at least one year contract.

* Contact
kakao id / cacao id : ppoo913
moon, youl rim
Instagram: bythemooon

5. House rules
The rules are very simple !

# It is all about being nice to your housemates
1) Inform each other before we invite someone or plan for party.
2) Keep the house clean (your own room, shared area, washing dishes)

6. Location
Best location in Seoul, Hongdae !
# 10 mins on foot to Subway stations, party district, Hongik Univ. and fitness center.
# 2 mins on foot to mart, park, basketball court and badminton court.
# Very quiet because it is located in living area.

7. Price per month
1) Deposit: 500,000won per month
2) Rent: 450,000won
3) Utility fee: around 20,000won per month

*I also have a bigger room for 550,000won/month. Please contact me if you are interested in as well.
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