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we have been waiting for you. don't hesitate! please contact me:)

if you move in, you would live with polite german women!

Hi there! I'm a soon-to-be-retired businessman and, as a person who once aspired to be an artist, helping those who pursue artistic dreams has always been on my personal agenda.

So I decided to establish a living facility for aspiring artists across different areas of arts given how tough it is to finding decent housing in Seoul for young college students with limited means (I struggled myself too back in my college years)

And it has finally become reality in the form of a lovely shared house--Habije

Habije is in great location; just 10~ 15 mins walking distance from major universities (Sogang, Hongik, Ewha...), right across the CGV Artreon, convenient transportation(7~8 mins walking distance from Sinchon station, Ewha university station), but quiet as the neighborhood is 10 mins away from downtown Sinchon.

Habije takes pride in its artists-friendly environment. Current tenants are working and studying in various areas of arts (culinary, music, fine arts, etc.) The house has a basement studio where tenants can explore their artistry. You can enjoy the hubbub of Sinchon and cultural activities taking place there including street busking.

It's close to Korea's top-tier schools and private art classes. The facility is fully licensed and has a fire insurance policy. Security cameras are installed every corner for the safety of tenants. Cleaning service provided once a week.

Additionally, as tenants of Habije, you can take free art classes at the private art institute (run by landlord) in the near building, and get a discount for your coffee at the building's cafeteria.

Deposit/Monthly rent: KRW 100,000/500,000 or 100,000/450,000 (utility not included KRW 30,000)

If you're interested in the artists' community of Habije, please don't hesitate and contact us to find out more about it.

Contact Info : KakaoTalk - yys951219

Cell - 82 10 4325 5330

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