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compensation: appearance fee : 100 manwon - tax.
type d'emploi: choix de l'employé

We're looking for foreigners & multicultural families who are living in Korea and have their own unique stories.

is a human documentary which is currently being aired every Tuesday at 7:35 p.m., on KBS 1TV. Each episode lasts for 50 minutes.

Any foreigners living in Korea may experience several problems, such as language barrier, cultural differences, and so on. We intend to film how foreigners deal with these difficulties and the process of adapting themselves to the new environment. The major format of this program is a human documentary, some say it's a reality show.

With this program, we would like to help both Korean and foreigners to understand each other more deeply.
Also, we hope this program act as a reflection of Korean society by introducing foreigners view.

You can watch some of the broadcasting clips on Youtube. Just type 이웃집 찰스 or my neighbor Charles.

webpage - http://www.kbs.co.kr/1tv/sisa/charles/
YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=이웃집+찰스

- Has been living in Korea for more than one month, or just arrived Korea to work
- Less than 10 years experience living in Korea
(less than 5 years of residence is preferred,
but we are also considering to film candidates who spent more than 5 years in Korea as well)
- Staying in Korea for the living is mandatory.
(We don't accept applies from people who is just visiting or traveling in Korea)
- Having trouble to settle down in Korea
- Someone who's facing various kinds of difficulties or conflicts in Korean society
(ex. language or cultural difference, supporting the family, or other personal issues)
- Must have proper working visa / resident visa
(illegal immigration, bigamist, fake marriage cases will be firmly rejected)
- Excited to appear on the TV show, and willing to share the story of their family, friends, and general life in Korea
with the viewers.
(filming family, house, and the workplace is required)

- Any jobs other than student/foreign language teacher
(But if you have a unique personality and special story, your job is not an issue.)
- Someone who works in Korean company as a foreign employee
- Someone with a specific goal, and keep trying to achieve it in Korea
- Got married to a Korean, but has a problem with family-in-law
- Someone living with their Korean parents-in-law

Expecting 10-15days (following your daily life with hand­held camera + recording in studio for a day)
filming date: will be discussed after the cast is confirmed

▶▶ HOW TO APPLY: With an Email. Send us the application.
download link

Google Docs
-> Make copy and save as your name for the distinction

When you email us, Introduce yourself first and write out about your story in detail.
Your nationality, age, sex, family status, job status, what you did before you came to Korea, and what you do or want to do now,
where you live, whom you live with, what is your most concern in these days.

(Cell phone No, kakaotalk ID, Facebock account... anything!!!!)

If we're interested, we're gonna contact you,
and will have the pre-interview meeting with you for more specifics,
then the final decision will be made.

Since this program is being aired once a week, we are always accepting applies at any time.
We decide the cast and the filming schedule by considering their nationality, gender, job, their story, and other various points.
Therefore, you can get a call few months after you apply.

It doesn't mean that you're confirmed to appear on the show even though we contact you.
The final decision is made after having a face-to-face interview and get confirmed by the chief producer.

The appearance fee for the show is 100manwon -3.3% tax

*When you email me, please introduce yourself first and LEAVE ME YOUR CONTACT INFO.

  • Intéressés seulement. Recruteurs, veuillez ne pas contacter ce demandeur d'emploi.
  • ne PAS nous contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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